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Innovation in Sustainability 

Sustainability Manager Kayla DeCarr explains why Horizon’s sustainability efforts are so exciting. 

In the energy industry, the multifamily sector is considered an underserved market. After a decade of working on utility, energy, and sustainability programs, I was excited to join Horizon as their inaugural Sustainability Manager. I knew there would be so much potential! 

It’s nearly unheard of for companies of Horizon’s size to have a dedicated sustainability manager, something I’m often reminded of by the utility companies and service providers I work with. That fact, coupled with strong support from management, comes with some unique benefits. Many of the biggest names in the multifamily housing space have a similar role at their company, Horizon is in a unique position to be agile and generate impact quickly in terms of utility cost savings, environmental impact, resident experience, and property condition. It’s a true gift for someone in my position. 

We’re striving to push the bounds and establish our properties as market leaders. In addition to creating baseline standards for the organization, a large part of my role has been to find opportunities across our portfolio. Because each property is different, each has its own unique circumstances that I consider as I identify the projects that are best suited for each property as they grow towards increased sustainability. This approach has led to some of the results below: 

In 2022, Horizon completed 52 energy and water initiatives across 20 properties in 10 states. 

  • Our 2022 initiatives saved 2.3 million kilowatt hours of energy, 8 million gallons of water, and more than $133k in utility costs. That’s comparable to taking 371 gas-powered passenger vehicles off the road or planting more than 28,000 trees. The water saved could fill 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools. 
  • Horizon added electric vehicle charging stations at eight properties. We now have ten properties with EV charging stations, with several more installations underway. 
  • In the last year, three properties have installed solar panels to generate electricity.  
  • We completed construction on a new development project and have two more on the way. All three have received a LEED Gold certification, a globally recognized award for sustainability achievement and leadership. 
  • We now incorporate sustainability into every apartment and clubhouse remodel, from LED lighting to high-efficiency water products to certified appliances. We are moving to 100% LED lighting at all properties across our portfolio, and follow minimum efficiency standards for our HVAC replacements. 


I’m proud to be a part of Horizon’s sustainability efforts. This is just one example of innovation at Horizon. Join us as an investor or as a Horizon teammate, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!