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Innovation in
Real Estate Development

Horizon is building for the future with our new development team, prioritizing sustainability and strong market fundamentals.

Over the past six years, Horizon has built a strong new development channel, with four completed projects in Pullman, WA, and Eugene, OR, and two additional projects on the way in Reno, NV, and Bend, OR. Our team has taken a “walk before you run” approach to ground-up construction, ramping up from 35- and 40-bed student housing builds to conventional multifamily projects with hundreds of apartments. Along the way, we’ve assembled a robust team and cultivated experience and expertise, which we’ve used to hone our process and deliver elevated results for residents and investors. 

 Sustainability has been one of Horizon’s primary focuses for new development projects. Each project we’ve completed has received a LEED Gold certification, a globally recognized award for sustainability achievement and leadership. In our experience, even setting aside the environmental benefits, green buildings come with a range of advantages, including cost-effective operation, improved resident comfort, and favorable financing options. Leasing prospects are increasingly looking for sustainable options in their next home, which makes it even more important for the future longevity of these projects. 

 The world has changed dramatically over the last few years, and we’ve managed to stay nimble as we adapt to fluctuating economic conditions. That’s included a recent focus on markets and submarkets where we can leverage our expertise in both student and conventional multifamily housing—for example, a location close to a major research university with a growing workforce. This strategy has helped ensure year-round, recession-resistant performance. 

 Our growing real estate development channel is just one example of innovation at Horizon. Join us as an investor or as a Horizon teammate, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!