Loren Arb

Loren joined Horizon early in 2004 and after climbing the ranks, he now serves as the firm’s fifth Partner and Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he oversees the management company’s day to day operations with assets under management around $1.8B. During his tenure, Loren has been instrumental in the ground-up development of the following departments: Asset Management, Training, Marketing & Design, IT & Support, Software Development, Ancillary Services. These newly formed departments as well as the Operations, Acquisitions, and Accounting teams are all within Loren’s direct purview today. Loren also leads the charge with the continued development of Horizon’s proprietary software suite which is leveraged to offer a competitive edge in the management intensive student housing asset class. These tools combined with years of operational knowledge have allowed Horizon to make a name for themselves in the space, consistently ranking within the top 15 owners in the country for student housing.

Loren received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah with a major in Finance. He also took time to serve a 2 year religious mission in Northwest Mexico and completed a 6 year term with the Air Force where he earned the prestigious Top Grad award and specialized in Flightline Avionics.

Loren prides himself on unlocking potential through service style management and investing in people over process. He helped enhance Horizon’s Pledge of Excellence which has become the foundation for Horizon’s operating platform. Loren has a data-driven approach to property operations that is supported by years of time on site. This allows for rapid decision making and provides a nimble platform for Horizon to quickly iterate as emerging technologies are tested and adopted.

Loren’s formative years were spent in Montana where he learned the value of work ethic and came to have an appreciation for the simple things in life. At the age of 8, he started his first paper route at 4:30 in the morning which he maintained until high school graduation 10 years later. He started a lawn mowing business when he turned 12 that grew to 120 customers by the time he was 18. At 15, he added a construction job into the mix. Loren considers himself a country boy living in the big city. He has settled into the Seattle farm life with his wife Lindsay, 3 children (Callie, Enzo, & Holland), a dog(Hercules), a Horse, a few barn cats and about 30 chickens. He is passionate about all things outdoors(hunting, camping, skiing, biking). His time with the Air Force turned him into a bit of a tech nerd and his time with Horizon has developed a refined set of culinary abilities that are put to work frequently with his family of 5.